Set Your Ship to Sail

There comes a time when you must accept the work you have put in, prepared all that you can, left your family well off for your time away and readied your men for all that may come ahead. Your weapons are broken in and set to defend, your armor is hardened for battle, you ask Njord to guide your ship and Odin to favor you should the need arise. You have your bows and arrows ready to pour down on enemies from your ship if there is no chance of talking first, you are a warrior, a Viking. It is time to take the leap and set sail!

Set Your Ship to Sail:

By this point in your online adventure you have:

  1. Paid for hosting, paid for a domain name and maybe some extras such as SSL Security.
  2. Designed your page, maybe something simple, maybe an online market style, maybe a blog, maybe a hybrid of sorts. Your page has something to look at!
  3. You have begun networking with like-minded people, learning from everyone what they have to offer, as well as sharing what you have to offer yourself.
  4. You have built your social media, maybe you are very active in them and have built them to a large extent. Maybe you are like me and terribly suck at staying active on your social media!
  5. You have started to build your Master Mind Group. You know who you want to work with and you have talked to them about your plans. They like the ideas and offer their assistance.
  6. You are ready to take off!

When you sit back and look at all you have done, you will realize you have put an immense effort in to your business. Maybe it’s not the best it could be. Maybe you could have done more, or should have done this instead of that. But it is OKAY! Do NOT stress yourself out over the imperfections.

Unless of course these imperfections prevent you from being able to take off….which is worst case scenario and highly is time.

Give The Battle-Cry and Ready Yourself:


We are NOT going to back down nor are we going to quit, turn our tails and head home before we have even taken off! It is time brothers and sisters to take a stand, raise your voice and PREPARE FOR YOUR DESTINY!

Now is the time. Advertise. Spread the word. Make yourself a nice business card with a decent logo, your website and contact information. Hand it out to the people you network with, hand it out to customers at your day job, just pass it around! Spread the word on social media, and by that I do NOT mean just on your own pages’ social media but also your PERSONAL accounts! Let your friends know, let your family know. Get them to read your blog, check out your products, offer discounts in exchange for honest reviews and feedback so you know what’s good and what’s bad. Build your FAQ list for your products, make it POP!

It’s now or never and we’re going to take off! Full force, do NOT STOP until you have reached your goals!


Work Hard, Live Strong, Set Sail and CONQUER!

Building Your Army

If I want to succeed and have the ability to travel to more lands after this first quest, I need to build an army. This starts with myself. I am, as other Vikings, a one man army. I must be able to do everything I can to survive without others should the opportunity arise. But there is strength in numbers. I must bring together forces of equal and greater strength to help in every situation, and for us as a group to grow together..

Building Your Army:

In the Viking Age, it was essential that you be able to survive on your own. You had to become a one man army, both mentally and physically. Vikings were intelligent people. They knew what they needed to do to survive. If they weren’t, their legacy wouldn’t have spread across the entire world as it has. The weak and ignorant died off while the rest thrived and grew. The successful worked in groups to travel and trade, battle when they needed to.

In today’s society, working in groups is still very important. I have always been a man of solitude, leaning more towards working alone more often than not. Even in my day job working on the docks, I work alone the majority of my time. This has helped me grow a lot as a person, especially with a leadership mindset. When I work with groups, most people I work with lack the desire to make a decision, so that becomes my job. Some times they won’t like it, but the after effect changes their mind.

Today, we will discuss this very important step in building your online work, be it in eCommerce, Online Marketing, MLM or just plain Blogging. Of course, you could be successful if you go at it alone. Many already have, but they have probably struggled and went through a lot to get there. Why make it hard on yourself? Build a workforce, a Master Mind group.

The Idea of the Master Mind Group:

The idea of the Master Mind Group is something that came to me in reading a very old book that still applies to today. It was a book called “Think and Grow Rich.” It’s an amazing source of inspiration and ideas for business. There are things in there that are very old knowledge but has been a major driving force for myself. This same thing can be seen mentioned in books like “The 4-Hour Work Week” and “100$ Start Up.” These are some other very amazing books I highly suggest you read.

The idea of the Master Mind Group is simple really. You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. If you spend your time with toxic people, you are probably very much like them. It could be that you’re lazy, just lounging around and getting nothing done. Maybe you’ve found yourself addicted to smoking or drinking and you don’t know how or when it started. Maybe you have high dreams and goals but have never acted on them because of your peer’s negativity. These are the people you want to GET AWAY from!

I have struggled with that part for years. It took distancing myself from MY FAMILY to finally start chasing my dreams and goals. Don’t get me wrong, I love them. But they are quite toxic people. Their days are spent on their phones or watching T.V. They only get out once in a while and most of the time just to get groceries. These are people you don’t want to influence you if your goal is to succeed in your dreams.

So, like I said, I separated myself. I started feeding my time to the online world, networking and meeting like minded people. I have been building a network outside as well. Working for a boat club has allowed me to meet some very successful people, so it has been quite the blessing. If your group is of the toxic nature, do expect some negative feedback when putting your time in to the right thing. They will suddenly know what’s best for you and tell you you’re doing things wrong and you should do this and stop doing that and so on. You have to ignore it and keep moving forward. This is the point where being a One Man Army is extremely important! Fight through this and network like hell is after you!

So, how do you meet the right people? Well…you could start here *wink wink* or you can start searching.

Building Your Network:

This is super important and really quite easy. Remember your farm? All your social networks you have been working on and building and growing. That’s the best place to start. Look through all your new followers and pages you follow and see what you like about them. Pick at least 5 really good ones and initiate a conversation. Don’t make it about business right from the get go. Just get to know them and build a relationship. You can also search through blogs of similar content to yours. Contact the authors and get to know them. I am doing that now with the Author of He is an amazing guy and someone I highly look up to. Coming across his blog has been an eye opener and a big life lesson in general for myself. Definitely check out his page when you have the time! I will be writing about him in All Things Viking very soon.

Bringing It All Together:

It really comes down to identifying the negative people in your life and finding the positive ones. Spend less time with the negative and a lot more time with the positive and successful. Think about it this way:

Are the people you spend the most time with in a position now that you want or aspire to be in? If not, it’s time to move your time elsewhere. I look up to people living debt free, financially free and just enjoying life with their loved ones, so I have shifted my time to be spent with those people. Of course, me being the young buck that I am, that tends to mean spending more time with people much older than I. But that is perfectly okay! The older people tend to have more stories and wisdom to share. Not to say there are no successful young people. I have found the young ones just tend to be harder to get in touch with to be honest. Maybe it’s their lack of wisdom or lack of a desire to mentor others? I don’t know, but a lot of what I have learned has come from people more than twice my age.

Your Master Mind Group should be a hand full of people you can meet with at a regular time and discuss opportunities and ideas and start applying them. Each person should ideally specialize in a specific area. Example:

  1. Tim is a great marketer. So he will handle marketing and advertising.
  2. Johnny is a great speaker. He will handle public events and socializing.
  3. Sarah is great at planning. She will write out the business plan and break it in to small accountable steps.
  4. Shawn is an aspiring leader. He will manage the employees and volunteers to run the new business.
  5. Jerry is well studied in the IT Department, so he will handle most technical issues and computer security.
  6. Jenny is great at coding. She will build apps and tools for the company and the consumers.

The list can go on depending on how large your Master Mind Group is and what they all specialize in. It’s difficult for one person to know how to do all of that. That is essentially my current role. I have passed on some of the media art and design to my wife, who is an aspiring artist herself. I am looking in to VA’s to see about having some simple tasks with this  webpage outsourced. The idea is to split up the responsibilities equally and to the right people. Put it all together in one big melting pot and you have a recipe for success. Plus…it takes the stress of you handling all the work alone off your shoulders, and you all get to grow together is one way or another!

The end goal is for everyone in your Master Mind Group to grow and succeed. It is very important that you do NOT make this about yourself. If your end goal does not support your groups, then change your group. You are in it together to help each other grow and watch each other succeed, don’t be selfish!

Now, brothers and sisters, go out and build your army, gather your resources and prepare, as your ship is about to set sail and conquer!

Hunting and Gathering

There are just a few more resources I need before leaving to conquer other worlds. The farm is ready, seeds planted and cared for. Now, I need to find some immediate food source and material for weapons and armor if I am to succeed on this quest.

Hunting and Gathering:

Survival in the old days depended heavily on the concept of hunting and gathering. So much so that successful tribes knew to follow the animals, moving place to place to have a constant food source. So, how can we apply this concept to working online? Well, let’s look back to the previous post, creating our farm. By now, your farm should be up and running. Some of us may have a few hundred followers and connections, others more and some less. Where ever you are, as long as your farm is up and running and active, you are in a good place.

So, where does hunting come in? Well, your farm is a food source. What’s attracted to a food source? Animals that eat the food you are growing of course! So, you hunt them. Set your traps, gather your weapons and set out!


Analytics are a thing I am still learning. Back in my HubPages days I was pretty good at working on SEOs and managing my Google Analytics. These days, they have been on the back burner, which isn’t great really. While I believe these things are slowly dying out as technology advances and we move forward as a technical society, they are still very relevant for the time being. My advice here…don’t follow my lead! Research SEO Optimization and how to use Google Analytics. These are TRACKING TOOLS that will make your HUNTING easier!

For those little rebels out there like myself, check out these ideas, apply them, see how they work and what you can do different or if you even need to do anything different to begin with.

The Blog:

First and foremost, your blog is your primary farm. Your blog should be the main source of food where the most animals are attracted. This is where you REALLY want to lay your traps down to catch the little critters.


Traps are, obviously, your subscription opt-in forms! As I have been following the online course in list building, subscribers = money. Opt-in forms = subscribers. But of course, you can’t just say “Hey sign up for this!” And expect people to take it. You have to give them a reason to want to sign up! In comes the bait for the traps.


Your bait is your reason people want to sign up. I.e. If you signed up for my blog earlier, you were offered a free ebook of sorts going over some of the top 10 lies affiliate markets will tell you. I admit, this one is some what silly to be honest. But to me it’s quite important to get this out to the masses! I have befriended quite a few affiliate marketers and I watch the tricks they use to lure unsuspecting victims in and convince them to buy a product or MLM service.

Multi-Level Marketing is, in my whole-hearted opinion, the worst thing ever. Of course, there are your success stories. But those are few and far in between. Those are the ones good at convincing others to buy in to a program that they really don’t understand. These programs are usually disguised  as an educational program in which you learn how to market and make money. The thing is, you don’t really learn anything other than how to sell that very high ticket program to others, make money off them purchasing it, then make money off the people they sell it to and so on. Everyone, in a sense, SHARES money. It’s super close to the idealistic “good” parts of communism!

Sorry, I just needed to get that point across! The point is, give people a REASON to sign up. In the next coming days I will be launching an e-course on starting your first forge and blacksmithing as a hobby! I am currently in the process of putting a forge together, so stay tuned there!

Traps in other places:

Of course, you can place your traps in other places as well. After all, your farm is rather large. Use your articles to start. Re-purpose blog posts to fit in to social media. Use bits and pieces from your posts, add a picture and link to that post. It takes maybe 5 to 10 minutes MAX to do this! It’s a simple and effective way to get people reading your posts, which in turn brings them to….YOUR OPT-IN FORMS! Traps set, just keep an eye on them and keep fresh bait for the best ones. 😉

Pack Your Bow and Arrows:

Of course, the successful hunter knows not to rely JUST on traps. While they are great, there are other aspects to hunting as well. You must go out looking for your food. You want that huge, beefy deer with years worth of meat on it! But, that deer is huge for a reason. It’s smart. It knows what to watch for and avoid. It survives because it has learned what not to do. 

Hunting can be difficult and time consuming. Let’s apply this concept with an example on Instagram:

Instagram Hunting:

This is something I am still in the process of and trying to master. I am not quite the successful hunter, but it’s getting better with practice! So, to have a successful following on Instagram, you have to be active. This doesn’t mean JUST posting pictures of that delicious Starbucks food you order on a Tuesday afternoon before going home from work. No, you must communicate with those who follow you, those who don’t follow you, and the followers of the ones who follow you. Speaking of, your followers are a great source.

Taking your followers own followers:

This is an awesome and easy way to build your list. Go to some of your top followers, those with over 1000 followers of their own. Look through their list and see what kind of people are following them. Go through their profiles, like some of the pictures and comment too! Commenting is great for building relationships and getting your own following up. It really is THAT simple. But it’s not THAT easy.

What does that mean? Well, that really is all you have to do. BUT it becomes very time consuming, very quickly. It can overload your brain, drain your mental energy and tire you out. Don’t believe me? Try this:

Spend 1 hour dedicated to absolutely NOTHING BUT Instagram. During this time, don’t JUST scroll through liking pictures. Be particular. Find people that fit in to your niche, look through their profile, like a few pictures of theirs and write a special comment for them. From there, look at their followers, rinse and repeat. Do this exact thing for an hour straight and see how tiresome it can become!

By the way, this method also falls in to Gathering.


Don’t just farm, trap, and hunt your prey. Gather some fruit too! Let’s try it this way. See your fruit as potential business partners, people you can learn from and profit from at the same time. Networking is very important, and so much more than JUST being social. Some of the people you come across you will find you want a deeper relationship with than JUST a following. This is no offense to your followers. These people just happen to have something they could offer you, with you helping them in some way in return. You have to be quite selective in this, as you want people that will challenge you and help you grow, rather than those that let you be complacent and toxic to your growth.

Look at your friends. You are the some of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Really look at this. Are they helping you to succeed and reach your goals, or are they holding you back and preventing you from success? It can be hard, but it can be very uplifting when you eliminate the rotten apples. I went through a time where I shut down Facebook for 2 years and did not socialize with anyone but a select few friends. Getting away from it for that time was enlightening in that it showed me how much time I was wasting trying to have relationships with friends that really DIDN’T care. It sucks, but once you invest all that time in to the RIGHT RELATIONSHIPS it is so much better, I promise.

A Closing For My Friends:

If you are following me here, or anywhere, I consider you a friend. If you need help with anything, I will do my best to help you solve whatever the issue is! If you want to build a Master Mind Group, get with me! I’m still seeking the right people for this group! We are all here to grow and succeed and I want you guys to grow and succeed as much as I want to.

So, practice the above, build your networks and relationships, grab those followers and stay tuned for the next chapter in the series!

Preparing Your Farm

Before I leave off on this adventure, I want to have a few things in place for the family to be taken care of while I am away. Setting up a farm is a little difficult and time consuming, but very prosperous when done properly…


In this chapter of The Viking’s First Voyage, we will go over a process that can be a bit slow and quite daunting. We will call this our “Farm.” By now many of you have probably noticed that the blog itself is a bit unorganized and slow to update. This is done on purpose for a few reasons. The nitty-gritty breakdown simply falls in to bringing up all of the resources before flying off in to other areas. Let us begin today’s lesson in farming.

Our virtual farm is going to be social media. Social media is very wide spread. There are many different outlets, some you may not even realize could be considered social media. For simplicity’s sake, we will stick to the basics and what I am currently using.

Current list of social media for The Online Viking:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Snapchat
  5. The Blog Itself

Here in a moment I will break down each one. The one I’m sure throws most people off, because I don’t see many Bloggers using, is Snapchat. Let’s take more look at each one, and Snapchat will unveil itself shortly.


Facebook is THE network. It is (after Myspace and other old, irrelevant social networks) big brand, the creator of all things social. Though the market may seem to be slowly dying out there, it is still massive and a great place to connect with a variety of people. I like Facebook because it has been around for many years and has A LOT of tools to offer for business. Setting up a Page for your Blog/Store/Business is very fast and very easy. There are tons of tools to customize your page and help increase traffic. Facebook has been on the backburner for The Online Viking currently though, and this is simply due to keeping things away from Family/Friends eyes FOR NOW. I will unveil to them my site when the timing is right. Until then, this is about you, my readers and subscribers.

If you’re just starting out, I HIGHLY recommend making your page on Facebook and making it a priority. Reaching out to friends and family are the easiest way to get traffic and spread the word about your work.

“Mr. Viking, if that’s true, why aren’t you doing that too?” It’s simple. I don’t want them to get in to my business just yet. I want to put all my time and effort in to growing the site for what it is. I made a promise a few years ago that I will achieve and HAVE to achieve over the next couple years now. Due to the nature of this promise, I am keeping it “underground” for now, with only a select few family knowing what I am working on. (To some extent they aren’t aware, they just know it is happening!) So if you’re in on this, shhh! It’s our little secret and you’re in a special secret club right now!



Now, I have had an Instagram set up for some time before I set up The Online Viking. I have been in and out on it a lot, so it is definitely not as far along as it COULD be. If you hop on over to there, you will notice it is very Fitness and Bodybuilding based. That’s unimportant right now.

So, why Instagram? It’s simple. It’s a VERY social intensive media site. It’s a highly effective way to engage the audience and share more personal moments with them (queue in Snapchat later.) I love the ease of posting pictures/videos in a permanent spot and being able to see what everyone else is up to that they are enjoying and sharing with the world. It truly is a great, close nit site to connect with anyone and everyone. Growing a follower base on Instagram is as easy as just being very social on the site itself. I toyed with it for a while and at one point grew up to 300 followers in as little as two weeks of investing one hour a day on it. Now, I haven’t been quite active on it lately so the number has dropped a little.

But, as you can see, it is a great source to build a subscriber base, especially in a specific niche. As I mentioned, mine is mostly in Fitness and Bodybuilding and as such, a lot of my followers are in the same thing. It’s a simple and effective way to control who you are marketing to.


I am a NEWBY with Twitter! BUT, Twitter is amazing. It allows you to capture those random thoughts and moments, link them to Facebook and Instagram for easy sharing of content. It keeps your mind on track by limiting how much you can write in a Tweet (which is awesome when you don’t know when to stop!) My Twitter account is brand new and as such is very small right now, but I promise you, following the same rules as Instagram, that will change over the next month.

Twitter is very similar to Instagram in that it allows you to be very close with your audience and subscribers. It is an awesome tool. It also makes it very easy for your subscribers and fan base to share your articles and posts, helping spread the word about you that much easier. The key to Instagram and Twitter is simply to BE ACTIVE! From my understanding, posts on Twitter should be AT LEAST 3-5 times a day minimum. Instagram can be a minimum of 2-3 times a day. You don’t want to be too spammy in your posts, but you don’t want to seem inactive and lose interest from not posting enough. Start at about 3 posts a day on both ends for optimal results in the beginning. (I could be wrong on that number and if any Social Media experts are reading PLEASE correct me!)


This is my all-time FAVORITE form of Social Media! It has been around for a while but is only recently starting to grow and gain ground. Snapchat is awesome because it’s the perfect combination of Twitter and Instagram in that you post Photos and Videos but only for a small section at a time. The BEST part is that your posts are only up for a limited amount of time. Why is that awesome? It creates a small sense of urgency and “I need to see this before it goes away!” Or “Oh no, I just missed out on this post, what did I miss?!?” sort of thinking. It is HIGHLY engaging to your followers and very personal. You can easily share moments in a matter of seconds. It allows you to share your silly side or your more personal times with a simple click, making it that much easier to connect with your subscribers. To put icing on the cake, it’s just so fun to use! Go ahead and try it out. Start with your friends and family and expand, share your account with your own follower/subscriber base and play with it. You may build some awesome relationships this way!

Your Blog:

Finally, the cream of the crop, the most fruitful tree, the best harvest, your own blog. Your blog is why you do all of this! The rest are simple supplements and extra food source. Your blog is your main source, where most of your work should go. Over the next coming weeks and months, you will see a TON of changes to The Online Viking. Everything from my Opt-In Form and offer, to placement of menus and buttons, background and overall design and layout of the site. It’s a little messy right now as I am still learning my way around, but it will all fall in to place very soon. The biggest obstacle to overcome is learning to use WordPress, which is NOT all that hard! After that, googling some simple coding to be able to personalize things a little more is a very useful tool.

Of course, if you don’t want to struggle with all that mess, you can always hire a freelancer to do the work for you when it comes to your website design. This is great when you have the money to invest in your blog. For the rest of us, you can expect to spend roughly 30$ on startup (price for a domain name and hosting with fluctuations in count.) When I started this particular blog I spent about 24$ total. I used for both the domain name and hosting. It’s dirt cheap to start there for a year worth of hosting, plus SSL Security for .99$! (No I am not affiliated with them and do not receive benefits for this.) Now, I know there are better options out there, but when your budget is in your mind, this is a great place to start. Eventually I will move on to better places.


Putting It All Together:

When formed together, all of these things will make your farm. It will take a lot of time and effort to put in to each one, and they ALL need equal attention. After you set your land up and plant your seeds, daily nurturing is required for them to grow properly, and when the time is right, the Harvest will be very bountiful. Take care of your Farm and your Farm will take care of you. Set aside a bit of time every day for each section and try new things once in a while until you find what works best for you. One tool does NOT fit all. You can follow guidelines, but you must put your own personality in to it and truly make it your own. In time, everything will fall in to place.

Gathering All Resources

Another early morning for this Viking. Rest does not come easy when you must prepare your family for your departure to the unknown. Looking around, you realize you have a lot to bring together for them. You need to bring more food, reinforce shelter and prepare defenses for their protection. There are only a few ways to go about this. You must hunt, fish, forage, gather, forge and smith necessities, not only for them, but for your own trip as well. If you cannot hunt, or lack the necessary tools to do so, then you must fish. And if you cannot fish, then you must forage and gather, or farm.

If you haven’t started a farm, then you better be damn good at finding fruits and vegetables safe for you to eat. For me, hunting is ideal. You gather fresh meat, bones and hides that can all be used for something. Bone to create weapons and armor, hide to create clothing, as well as armor, and meat of course to eat. Fishing is also a fun and easy way to gather more food and resources. It can be done with or without proper equipment. All you need is your hands, or a long stick sharpened to a point at one end, a good eye and fast reflexes, which can be improved with practice. Farming on the other hand takes more time, patience and skill than one would realize. You must know the proper season and time to plant each vegetable, how much water they need, how long it takes for them to grow and mature, and the proper time to harvest your crop. I have failed greatly at starting a successful farm many times, but I will not give up. I can keep trying because I have plenty of other resources to fill us while we experiment with farming.

These ideals can very well be applied to today. Not only can you of course actually do all three of these, two of which I do participate and enjoy doing, but there is a metaphorical sense about them. You see, if one thing doesn’t work you need another to fall back on.

The idea is this: You can’t farm? Okay, start hunting. Don’t have the proper equipment or tracking abilities to hunt? Start fishing. Fishing, if anything, is probably the easiest to start with as you don’t need much to do it. Now, apply this to other situations. You can’t work in retail? Okay, find a labor job. Have physical/health related issues preventing you from doing physical labor? Okay, find an information or customer service job of some sort.

Prime example right here! I hate retail. I absolutely, positively despise working in retail. To those that can manage, I give you props! I worked retail twice, and both times were terrible. I found that, simple as it may seem, I can’t stock supplies fast enough. Seems silly right? It is! A little, and it is a little demoralizing knowing I couldn’t do one of the simplest tasks quick enough. But not everyone can do everything such as that, and that is okay. You aren’t good with computers? That’s perfectly fine, there is plenty of work elsewhere. Can’t flip a burger fast enough? Nothing wrong with that! Everyone’s potential lies in different areas. My creative mindset and major attention to detail is what made stocking product difficult. They wanted it filled fast, but I wanted it filled beautifully. If it wasn’t perfectly aligned, straight and coordinated so it was pleasing to the eye, I couldn’t leave it there. It slowed me down very much. So…retail isn’t for me.

I worked as a mentor in a dining facility. I was great at it. I lead a team of eight to ten mentally/physically challenged people to clean and serve the military personnel. I also helped the military cooks with preparing food, as well as cooking some foods. That was something I absolutely loved. Not only did I get to experiment and learn, I was also quick at it. I could peel and dice over 100 potatoes in 10-15 minutes! Not impressed? Go peel and dice ten potatoes and tell me how you do! I made the most loved Caesar Salad in the DFAC. No one else was allowed to make it but me, because they couldn’t make it the way I did. I had to make four to five pans of it just to last a day! On special events, when we were at our busiest, the SFC always wanted me at the front of the line to serve the food because I was fast, neat and accurate in plating. I took peoples orders quick, filled their plates to the EXACT serving size they were allowed, and set it in such a way it looked like a professional restaurant plating.

Okay, enough about that. The point I am getting to is that you must always have a backup plan to cover yourself and succeed in life. Don’t let one failure mess you up, and don’t think that because one person can do something amazing means that you should or have to be able to do it as well. Prepare yourself for battle. Have a contingency plan. Make extra weapons and armor so when yours break, you have more at the ready. Have a stock of different food so when a season dies out, you’ll be fine until the next comes around. Have MORE THAN ONE source of income! Do NOT put all your eggs in one basket.

There are a million and one ways to say the same thing. Simply put, be prepared!

Real life application here. I love to hunt and fish. I recently created an eCourse on using Pokémon Go to bring in more customers to your business. What have I done to sell it? Well, I started off fishing. I tossed the idea around a few people I had a sense would be interested in the product. Seven out of my ten prospects loved it and bought in to it. They are now well on their way to making extra cash flow from the ideas and plans written out for them in the course! Stepping it up a notch I am now hunting for more to buy in to the product. I am getting more picky and selective in the targets. Why? It’s not a cheap product. Because it’s not a cheap product, I need to be selective in who gets access to it. Being selective prevents having issues with the product as well as creates LESS returns. After all, I am selling a product worth HUNDREDS for less than $100! Of course, after I hit my target goal of 500+ sales, I will drop the price significantly. Until then, I will continue talking to people and being selective in my clients. That is the name of the game friends. To be successful online you MUST be SELECTIVE and HUNT for the BEST!

Until next time…

Day 1: Preparing for the First Voyage

Time: 0600
Date: 8/10/2016

It was a cool, crisp morning. The sun just rising, a slight breeze blowing, and the smell of salty water from the ocean blowing in… Time to prepare for the first voyage in to the new world.


What an entry! As long as I can remember, I have always been a fan of writing and creating, setting the scene to an epic story of adventure and battle. If I’m to live up to the name of this site, I have to put some story telling twist to it all! After all, I want to entertain you, my readers. Being my very first post to this site, I want to give a little back story, set the scene and get everyone caught up on where I currently stand.

That being said, let’s take a little step back in time…

Right, so as I mentioned, I have always enjoyed writing and storytelling. Throughout my school and childhood, English, Language Arts and History were my favorite classes to be in. It gave me the chance to let my imagination run wild, to put myself in the place of our ancestors and dream about being there with them. I love to create. This love of the arts expands to drawing, painting, music, magic, etc. I love and have done them all. I was always entertaining my peers in elementary and even up through high school with card tricks. I played in the school band from elementary up to high school, and from there moved on to piano courses. I am also self-taught in guitar and have performed in a few bands. I had also experimented with free blogging sites my senior year, just toying with the idea of writing online for money. I wrote for HubPages for about 6 months, making some small money there. It was both rewarding and enjoyable. I loved it, and I loved the idea of making a living off my writing.

But then…everything changed. Something clicked in my mind. My course set to being an “adult.” I deleted everything from my HubPages account, changed course and left behind the dream of working online for myself. Worst thing I could ever do I tell ya! Biggest mistake made. A couple years back I started experimenting with blogging again. This time, I had to get serious. I had a purpose and I knew I needed to pay for my own hosting and domain name. I toyed with different names, I bought in to hosting and a name and then….

Nothing. I spent money on something I just dropped all together. For some reason I couldn’t wrap my head around how to properly set a blog up. I couldn’t figure out why my site wasn’t coming up. I couldn’t figure out where to go or what to do to make it work. So, as any rational human being would do, I gave up! Again! Money wasted.

Fast forward to about two months ago. I started working for a boat club. It’s a dream job, really! I clean and perform small repairs on small craft boats. I take the boats out and ride around in them. I help our members load up and take off for a day on the ocean water! It couldn’t get any better than this! But…my hours are cut from full time to whenever I need to be here. It is a brand new club after all and is still growing. It had only been opened a month before I got here. With low hours, and in return low pay, I needed something else. I have always believed that having only one source of income badly limits your true potential. I have always believed that, but I have never truly acted on it. That being said, I needed to act.

In comes the action! I picked up some old books I have never finished reading, started over and started sticking to them. These books are all about working online, escaping the 9-5 life and being your own boss. The true dream life. So, what did I do about that? Well, two weeks ago I bought in again. I paid for a domain name and a host site. I must mention, I bought my domain name from one site, and my hosting from another. Both sites were amazingly helpful by the way! That aside, I messed up again. AGAIN! I could not for the life of me get my website running or figure out how to post a blog etc. This time though I didn’t give up. I couldn’t, because my wife would chew me out if I did! Haha…

So, after looking more closely at everything I was doing I realized a couple things:

  • My site name was all wrong. I made a major spelling error that I didn’t notice until after purchase. F***!
  • I needed to apparently wait a certain time period before I could move my domain name over to the chosen host site.

I had to take action and talk to both companies. I contacted the domain name provider first, explained my situation and my pure ignorance in not paying attention to my error. They were so kind and helpful. They offered to delete the domain name and give me a full refund back. Issue one knocked out in a matter of three days. Yes, three days! This was mostly due to my lack of good communication at the time. The company itself was amazingly helpful. Issue two went just as smoothly. The hosting company also cancelled my plan and gave a full refund back.

From there it was back to the drawing board. I felt slightly stupid and defeated, but I couldn’t give up! I did a little bit more research and found another amazing site that offered both domain names and hosting for unbeatably cheap prices and awesome customer care. And so it was born, The Online Viking. Now you may ask, “Why do you call yourself The Online Viking?” Well, do I have an answer for you! You see, I love the history of Vikings. I love the slight mystery that still lingers behind their legacy. I love what is tied to the idea of their own name. It amazes me to be honest, and I hope to get you just as excited about Vikings as I am!

Vikings are often tied to exploration, conquering new land. Of course those that know only the simplified version of these people tend to automatically think of savages raiding and pillaging innocent villages of their goods and lives. But, I am not a simple man. I must know more because I believe there is more to them than what others tell.

Super short history lesson time! Vikings were average folk. They were farmers and hunters and gatherers. They lived just as anyone else at that period really did. They came to travelling and raiding out of necessity to survive. Just as anyone would do what they needed to survive, so did the Vikings.

See you yet why I like the idea of the name Viking, and applying it to the online world? Out of necessity to survive, to thrive and succeed in my goals (which I do have a TON of large goals that I must and will reach by the way) I have stepped foot once again in to the online blogging/marketing world. With this site I will blog every step of my adventure in to this, both for your enjoyment and for your own guidance.

You see, I not only want to do this for my own success, but also for others. I hope that by my short comings, failures, trials and errors all being documented in to one blog, I will help others avoid most of these and jump right in to the success part. That is not to say that you won’t fail at all. You can never learn if you never fail. It’s all a part of the game my friend. I only hope to offer a light in the dark and guide you through the errors to correct course and head to the new land of the free. So, follow me and grow and succeed with me. It’s time for a new adventure, let’s set out and conquer this world!

P.S. If you ever have questions or wish for more specific detail on just setting a blog up to begin with, do not be afraid to contact me! I will do everything in my power to make it as simple as possible for you to get your own site up and running