About Me

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As a startup project in 2016, The Online Viking is an experimental site following every step of the voyage from start to finish. If you always wanted to start your own website or business or both, now’s your chance to see the down and dirty without having to make all the mistakes I do, making your own adventure much smoother sailing than my own!

Who is This Site For?

This is a community for creative entrepreneurs, bloggers, artists, small business owners and the likes, to quickly grow together as a group of go-getters from all around, sharing experience and advice along the way.

If you love Vikings, blogging, online marketing and entrepreneurship, you will fit in perfectly here at The Online Viking.

Where Do I Start?

At The Online Viking, you will find plenty of articles following my footsteps in to setting up a successful online business in blogging, e-commerce and online marketing:

  • Follow my series “The Viking’s First Voyage” to get a glimpse in to the steps I am taking and the progress I am making in to this online adventure.
  • For a little off beat oddity here and there check out “Off The Course.”
  • If those aren’t enough or aren’t quite your area, head over to “All Things Viking” for posts about recent Viking/Viking-Related products I have purchased and enjoy/sites I have found and follow. That will also soon be home to my own line of merchandise, so keep an eye out!

Being that the site has JUST launched here in 2016, I am still very well learning a lot. Take advantage of my learning phase to grow with me and see what mistakes NOT to make so you can streamline your own process and site/business building! I’m doing all the dirty work and making all the mistakes so you don’t have to. I have plenty of experience in other fields that are quite transferable to offer here, and I hope to learn from my readers as well!


How Did This Site Start?

This site started somewhat out of spur-of-the-moment and somewhat out of something I have been wanting to do for a long time now. You see, I started Blogging back in 2009/2010 while I was still in High School for a site called HubPages. There, I met plenty of successful people who guided me and helped me fine-tune my writing/blogging skills and made my first $$$ online. After about 6 months of it though, I stopped. I just dropped everything. So…here I am. A more professional setting, The Online Viking comes about from my love of the IDEA of Vikings and their lifestyle.


About The Author:

Mr. Viking has been in writing for as long as he can remember…Silly third person. I have been writing for many years now and love every bit of it. Though in recent years I have taken a little time off and am currently going through a little refresher to get back on track (bear with me for a bit!) I hop along a fine line of weird and quirky, to serious and foreboding, offering friendship, advice and guidance, but quick to keep a stern hand when times call for tough decision making. I write, I yell, I cuss, I do things every human does! BUT it comes down to this: I am here to succeed in my dream and to help everyone else succeed in theirs. I WILL call you out. I WILL be blunt in showing whether or not you are truly dedicated and serious about your dream. But do not be afraid as it is only to help guide you. Maybe you THINK your dream is this or that, but really it is none of the above. We are all here to grow together and I want us all to grow in the right direction. We all have our own purpose in life and mine is to help others figure out what theirs is.


So, enough chitter chatter, let’s get on with the show!

Adventure awaits…