Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen, A True Viking

Today is a special segment for “All Things Viking” in that I am happy to bring up a particularly inspiring man that I so luckily came across while scouring the web and its’ endless list of blogs. Author and Blogger Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen, creator of and many books on the life of Vikings.

A True Viking

Bjorn is someone I would consider a modern day True Viking. Reading over his posts, he very much lives by the Viking ideology, in the same manner I am applying to building this website. His blog is nothing short of amazing. I have spent a few days just reading over the posts there and learning more about what it means to adapt and be a Viking. Bjorn successfully teaches others about the history of Vikings with out the flashy fillers seen in the History Channel series “Vikings.”

In having the opportunity to speak with Bjorn, I have found that he is a very kind person. He is respectful and helpful. Combine that with his guides on what it means to be a Viking, if a Viking mindset is right for you, and a plethora of ideas and how-to’s on Viking life here, you have someone who is very much a Mentor to everyone interested in the lifestyle.

Bjorn’s books are currently only in Norwegian (a language I would love to learn and may buy the novels in the original language for that purpose!) but he is actively working on having them translated, searching for a Literary Agent to help bring his books to publishers in other countries. I would be quite excited to see this come through and work out for him!

All in all, I am amazed at the vast amount of information on Bjorn’s site, from vikings to Bushcraft, Bjorn has a page I can happily spend hours on just relaxing and reading, learning and exploring from the eyes of a True Viking, someone both born and living in the home of the Vikings, where the history is rich, first-hand experience, to applying it to his daily life and helping others to achieve the same thing. is literally a goldmine of information worth checking out if you truly want to adapt a Viking lifestyle, or just learn more about that era.

Author: Mr. Viking

Mr. Viking is a creative mind with experience in many fields, including writing, blogging, music, painting, drawing and entertaining the masses. He is a creative, loving husband with a goal to explore and conquer the world. He has ventured online once again to set sail and conquer his plans, captivate his audience and better the world one post at a time.

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