Building Your Army

If I want to succeed and have the ability to travel to more lands after this first quest, I need to build an army. This starts with myself. I am, as other Vikings, a one man army. I must be able to do everything I can to survive without others should the opportunity arise. But there is strength in numbers. I must bring together forces of equal and greater strength to help in every situation, and for us as a group to grow together..

Building Your Army:

In the Viking Age, it was essential that you be able to survive on your own. You had to become a one man army, both mentally and physically. Vikings were intelligent people. They knew what they needed to do to survive. If they weren’t, their legacy wouldn’t have spread across the entire world as it has. The weak and ignorant died off while the rest thrived and grew. The successful worked in groups to travel and trade, battle when they needed to.

In today’s society, working in groups is still very important. I have always been a man of solitude, leaning more towards working alone more often than not. Even in my day job working on the docks, I work alone the majority of my time. This has helped me grow a lot as a person, especially with a leadership mindset. When I work with groups, most people I work with lack the desire to make a decision, so that becomes my job. Some times they won’t like it, but the after effect changes their mind.

Today, we will discuss this very important step in building your online work, be it in eCommerce, Online Marketing, MLM or just plain Blogging. Of course, you could be successful if you go at it alone. Many already have, but they have probably struggled and went through a lot to get there. Why make it hard on yourself? Build a workforce, a Master Mind group.

The Idea of the Master Mind Group:

The idea of the Master Mind Group is something that came to me in reading a very old book that still applies to today. It was a book called “Think and Grow Rich.” It’s an amazing source of inspiration and ideas for business. There are things in there that are very old knowledge but has been a major driving force for myself. This same thing can be seen mentioned in books like “The 4-Hour Work Week” and “100$ Start Up.” These are some other very amazing books I highly suggest you read.

The idea of the Master Mind Group is simple really. You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. If you spend your time with toxic people, you are probably very much like them. It could be that you’re lazy, just lounging around and getting nothing done. Maybe you’ve found yourself addicted to smoking or drinking and you don’t know how or when it started. Maybe you have high dreams and goals but have never acted on them because of your peer’s negativity. These are the people you want to GET AWAY from!

I have struggled with that part for years. It took distancing myself from MY FAMILY to finally start chasing my dreams and goals. Don’t get me wrong, I love them. But they are quite toxic people. Their days are spent on their phones or watching T.V. They only get out once in a while and most of the time just to get groceries. These are people you don’t want to influence you if your goal is to succeed in your dreams.

So, like I said, I separated myself. I started feeding my time to the online world, networking and meeting like minded people. I have been building a network outside as well. Working for a boat club has allowed me to meet some very successful people, so it has been quite the blessing. If your group is of the toxic nature, do expect some negative feedback when putting your time in to the right thing. They will suddenly know what’s best for you and tell you you’re doing things wrong and you should do this and stop doing that and so on. You have to ignore it and keep moving forward. This is the point where being a One Man Army is extremely important! Fight through this and network like hell is after you!

So, how do you meet the right people? Well…you could start here *wink wink* or you can start searching.

Building Your Network:

This is super important and really quite easy. Remember your farm? All your social networks you have been working on and building and growing. That’s the best place to start. Look through all your new followers and pages you follow and see what you like about them. Pick at least 5 really good ones and initiate a conversation. Don’t make it about business right from the get go. Just get to know them and build a relationship. You can also search through blogs of similar content to yours. Contact the authors and get to know them. I am doing that now with the Author of He is an amazing guy and someone I highly look up to. Coming across his blog has been an eye opener and a big life lesson in general for myself. Definitely check out his page when you have the time! I will be writing about him in All Things Viking very soon.

Bringing It All Together:

It really comes down to identifying the negative people in your life and finding the positive ones. Spend less time with the negative and a lot more time with the positive and successful. Think about it this way:

Are the people you spend the most time with in a position now that you want or aspire to be in? If not, it’s time to move your time elsewhere. I look up to people living debt free, financially free and just enjoying life with their loved ones, so I have shifted my time to be spent with those people. Of course, me being the young buck that I am, that tends to mean spending more time with people much older than I. But that is perfectly okay! The older people tend to have more stories and wisdom to share. Not to say there are no successful young people. I have found the young ones just tend to be harder to get in touch with to be honest. Maybe it’s their lack of wisdom or lack of a desire to mentor others? I don’t know, but a lot of what I have learned has come from people more than twice my age.

Your Master Mind Group should be a hand full of people you can meet with at a regular time and discuss opportunities and ideas and start applying them. Each person should ideally specialize in a specific area. Example:

  1. Tim is a great marketer. So he will handle marketing and advertising.
  2. Johnny is a great speaker. He will handle public events and socializing.
  3. Sarah is great at planning. She will write out the business plan and break it in to small accountable steps.
  4. Shawn is an aspiring leader. He will manage the employees and volunteers to run the new business.
  5. Jerry is well studied in the IT Department, so he will handle most technical issues and computer security.
  6. Jenny is great at coding. She will build apps and tools for the company and the consumers.

The list can go on depending on how large your Master Mind Group is and what they all specialize in. It’s difficult for one person to know how to do all of that. That is essentially my current role. I have passed on some of the media art and design to my wife, who is an aspiring artist herself. I am looking in to VA’s to see about having some simple tasks with this  webpage outsourced. The idea is to split up the responsibilities equally and to the right people. Put it all together in one big melting pot and you have a recipe for success. Plus…it takes the stress of you handling all the work alone off your shoulders, and you all get to grow together is one way or another!

The end goal is for everyone in your Master Mind Group to grow and succeed. It is very important that you do NOT make this about yourself. If your end goal does not support your groups, then change your group. You are in it together to help each other grow and watch each other succeed, don’t be selfish!

Now, brothers and sisters, go out and build your army, gather your resources and prepare, as your ship is about to set sail and conquer!

Author: Mr. Viking

Mr. Viking is a creative mind with experience in many fields, including writing, blogging, music, painting, drawing and entertaining the masses. He is a creative, loving husband with a goal to explore and conquer the world. He has ventured online once again to set sail and conquer his plans, captivate his audience and better the world one post at a time.

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