Valhalla Java and Death Wish Coffee

I’m super excited to have my first post on “All Things Viking” about a product I have followed for many years now and only recently have I had the opportunity to purchase it! Let’s get a little history on this here…


How I Came Across Death Wish Coffee Co.

First off, I am OBSESSED with coffee, to say the least. No, not Starbucks burnt, old beans kind of coffee. Real, at home, fresh roasted beans, good coffee. Okay, okay, I don’t roast my own beans (YET!) But I have standards! I love finding those little mom and pop coffee shops that you can sit in comfortably, listening to calm music, building relationships with the shop owners and employees, having fresh brewed coffee and fresh roasted beans. That is the absolute BEST coffee you can ever have! Believe me, I never would have known what difference in taste fresh roasted can have if I never had been invited by an old coworker to one of those places.

Back on track to how I found this place. I have played guitar for many years now. Zakk Wylde (former guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne, current singer and guitarist of Black Label Society) has had a HUGE influence on my style. I have followed him for as long as I can remember! Anyway, a few years ago he made this post on Facebook. It was about “The Worlds Strongest Coffee” and supporting a little start up business. My first thought was “That’s pretty cool to see him support that!” Time went on and he posted more about it every day. The company name was…of course, Death Wish Coffee Co. What a fitting name for a company supported by such a person as Zakk Wylde!

Anyways, I started following this company back when they first got their foot in the door. For years I wanted to order their coffee and give it a try, but could never find myself spending 20$ + shipping for coffee.

Finally Purchasing From Death Wish Coffee Co.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. I had received an email for a coupon with a random dollar amount attached to it.

I thought, “Okay, maybe it’ll be the low 5$, even then I would still be willing to purchase it at this point..” To my surprise, my code gave me 12$ off! Pretty significant there! So, naturally, I jumped on that sale, and of course, I had to add Zakk Wylde’s Valhalla Java to it. It HAS to be Whole Bean, to preserve the flavor longer, plus being able to grind it to what I need. (After all, I just purchased an espresso machine last month as well!)

So, the product came in the mail much faster than expected! Awesome! But…I have a ton of other no name coffee to burn through (which, by my and my family’s drinking habits should be gone by the end of the week) I must wait. What’s awesome though is how air-tight the package is. They sucked all the air out to help preserve quality, and you can very well see and feel it when you pick up the product.

They also added a couple complimentary stickers, which is pretty cool!

So, this all being said, I’m super hyped to finally have some of The World’s Strongest Coffee in my hands and I can’t wait to try it. When that day comes, you can rest assured that I will be trying both Espresso shots and Drip coffee! And of course, I will detail my adventure with the coffee, from opening the package to grinding the beans and brewing the coffee and going crazy! Woo!


P.S. No…I don’t get any kind of commission off this, I am no affiliate. BUT I do have a refer a friend deal to give you 10% off your first purchase HERE. So go ahead, give it a try if you’re interested, and if not, no harm, no fowl!


Author: Mr. Viking

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