The Messy Desk That is The Online Viking

As you have noticed by now, I have taken a bit of a hiatus from posting here for a while now! This may seem terrible in theory, but there is a very good reason for my short disappearance, I promise.

I am going to just make a little breakdown list of events and what my next moves are from here. This article will be HIGHLY IMPORTANT to you fellow readers who are interested in getting in to online blogging/marketing. SO PAY ATTENTION!

  1. To start, I have been researching A LOT of new information to be applied to building a successful website. I have found very reliable resources that offer hand-in-hand assistance. Check out and look for their 3 month e-course! (Disclaimer: No I am not an affiliate of their site and I do NOT get any reward or bonus for recommending people. It is a product I use and highly recommend AT LEAST for the sake of their e-course.)
  2. In the days past, I have taken the time to start cleaning up the site’s over all look, create a sign up form, email offer and Facebook page. Not a whole lot of time and work has gone in to the Facebook page just yet, but that is progress for a later day!
  3. I have written a short eBook to offer to everyone that subscribes to my site for free! This of course will be improved on and changed as seen fit at a later day. (Your opinions and ideas for guides you would like to see are extremely helpful here!)
  4. I have cut time down to spend only 2 to 3 hours a day working on this my site. This is to better organize my time to help others (to include my loyal readers here) and be accountable at my day job. As my following of the e-course at continues, more and more work will be put in to posts here. You can expect to start seeing AT LEAST 1-2 posts a week!
  5. I will soon be working on a newsletter to send out to all subscribers in a weekly basis that will recap recent posts and offer advice/tips/tricks in a little snippet for your convenience and enjoyment.

These are of my TOP priority currently! I also only check emails twice a day, which will soon be cut down to once a day. As you can see my current work space/online desk is a MESS and I am doing my best to clean it up and organize the clutter to make life easier for all of us. The cleaner it is for me, the more organized it is for you and the quicker you can also jump in on running your online project without the clutter and mistakes I make for you!

I can not stress enough how much of a blessing GetResponse is with their program as it makes it so much easier for people with cluttered minds like mine get organized and running properly. Their course is actually what set my 2 hour daily schedule, typically done in the mornings (little late today, a drunken celebration of my Birthday was partaken in last night) to free up the rest of my time to better server everyone else. I will of course be posting little bits and pieces here and there that I learn from them to share with you. This will save you time, teach you what you can do to have a much nicer experience than I have and help us all grow together!

Well, I know today’s post is short but that’s it for now. Short, simple and to the point as we take this journey to Success and Freedom!

Author: Mr. Viking

Mr. Viking is a creative mind with experience in many fields, including writing, blogging, music, painting, drawing and entertaining the masses. He is a creative, loving husband with a goal to explore and conquer the world. He has ventured online once again to set sail and conquer his plans, captivate his audience and better the world one post at a time.

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