Gathering All Resources

Another early morning for this Viking. Rest does not come easy when you must prepare your family for your departure to the unknown. Looking around, you realize you have a lot to bring together for them. You need to bring more food, reinforce shelter and prepare defenses for their protection. There are only a few ways to go about this. You must hunt, fish, forage, gather, forge and smith necessities, not only for them, but for your own trip as well. If you cannot hunt, or lack the necessary tools to do so, then you must fish. And if you cannot fish, then you must forage and gather, or farm.

If you haven’t started a farm, then you better be damn good at finding fruits and vegetables safe for you to eat. For me, hunting is ideal. You gather fresh meat, bones and hides that can all be used for something. Bone to create weapons and armor, hide to create clothing, as well as armor, and meat of course to eat. Fishing is also a fun and easy way to gather more food and resources. It can be done with or without proper equipment. All you need is your hands, or a long stick sharpened to a point at one end, a good eye and fast reflexes, which can be improved with practice. Farming on the other hand takes more time, patience and skill than one would realize. You must know the proper season and time to plant each vegetable, how much water they need, how long it takes for them to grow and mature, and the proper time to harvest your crop. I have failed greatly at starting a successful farm many times, but I will not give up. I can keep trying because I have plenty of other resources to fill us while we experiment with farming.

These ideals can very well be applied to today. Not only can you of course actually do all three of these, two of which I do participate and enjoy doing, but there is a metaphorical sense about them. You see, if one thing doesn’t work you need another to fall back on.

The idea is this: You can’t farm? Okay, start hunting. Don’t have the proper equipment or tracking abilities to hunt? Start fishing. Fishing, if anything, is probably the easiest to start with as you don’t need much to do it. Now, apply this to other situations. You can’t work in retail? Okay, find a labor job. Have physical/health related issues preventing you from doing physical labor? Okay, find an information or customer service job of some sort.

Prime example right here! I hate retail. I absolutely, positively despise working in retail. To those that can manage, I give you props! I worked retail twice, and both times were terrible. I found that, simple as it may seem, I can’t stock supplies fast enough. Seems silly right? It is! A little, and it is a little demoralizing knowing I couldn’t do one of the simplest tasks quick enough. But not everyone can do everything such as that, and that is okay. You aren’t good with computers? That’s perfectly fine, there is plenty of work elsewhere. Can’t flip a burger fast enough? Nothing wrong with that! Everyone’s potential lies in different areas. My creative mindset and major attention to detail is what made stocking product difficult. They wanted it filled fast, but I wanted it filled beautifully. If it wasn’t perfectly aligned, straight and coordinated so it was pleasing to the eye, I couldn’t leave it there. It slowed me down very much. So…retail isn’t for me.

I worked as a mentor in a dining facility. I was great at it. I lead a team of eight to ten mentally/physically challenged people to clean and serve the military personnel. I also helped the military cooks with preparing food, as well as cooking some foods. That was something I absolutely loved. Not only did I get to experiment and learn, I was also quick at it. I could peel and dice over 100 potatoes in 10-15 minutes! Not impressed? Go peel and dice ten potatoes and tell me how you do! I made the most loved Caesar Salad in the DFAC. No one else was allowed to make it but me, because they couldn’t make it the way I did. I had to make four to five pans of it just to last a day! On special events, when we were at our busiest, the SFC always wanted me at the front of the line to serve the food because I was fast, neat and accurate in plating. I took peoples orders quick, filled their plates to the EXACT serving size they were allowed, and set it in such a way it looked like a professional restaurant plating.

Okay, enough about that. The point I am getting to is that you must always have a backup plan to cover yourself and succeed in life. Don’t let one failure mess you up, and don’t think that because one person can do something amazing means that you should or have to be able to do it as well. Prepare yourself for battle. Have a contingency plan. Make extra weapons and armor so when yours break, you have more at the ready. Have a stock of different food so when a season dies out, you’ll be fine until the next comes around. Have MORE THAN ONE source of income! Do NOT put all your eggs in one basket.

There are a million and one ways to say the same thing. Simply put, be prepared!

Real life application here. I love to hunt and fish. I recently created an eCourse on using Pokémon Go to bring in more customers to your business. What have I done to sell it? Well, I started off fishing. I tossed the idea around a few people I had a sense would be interested in the product. Seven out of my ten prospects loved it and bought in to it. They are now well on their way to making extra cash flow from the ideas and plans written out for them in the course! Stepping it up a notch I am now hunting for more to buy in to the product. I am getting more picky and selective in the targets. Why? It’s not a cheap product. Because it’s not a cheap product, I need to be selective in who gets access to it. Being selective prevents having issues with the product as well as creates LESS returns. After all, I am selling a product worth HUNDREDS for less than $100! Of course, after I hit my target goal of 500+ sales, I will drop the price significantly. Until then, I will continue talking to people and being selective in my clients. That is the name of the game friends. To be successful online you MUST be SELECTIVE and HUNT for the BEST!

Until next time…

Author: Mr. Viking

Mr. Viking is a creative mind with experience in many fields, including writing, blogging, music, painting, drawing and entertaining the masses. He is a creative, loving husband with a goal to explore and conquer the world. He has ventured online once again to set sail and conquer his plans, captivate his audience and better the world one post at a time.

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