Day 1: Preparing for the First Voyage

Time: 0600
Date: 8/10/2016

It was a cool, crisp morning. The sun just rising, a slight breeze blowing, and the smell of salty water from the ocean blowing in… Time to prepare for the first voyage in to the new world.


What an entry! As long as I can remember, I have always been a fan of writing and creating, setting the scene to an epic story of adventure and battle. If I’m to live up to the name of this site, I have to put some story telling twist to it all! After all, I want to entertain you, my readers. Being my very first post to this site, I want to give a little back story, set the scene and get everyone caught up on where I currently stand.

That being said, let’s take a little step back in time…

Right, so as I mentioned, I have always enjoyed writing and storytelling. Throughout my school and childhood, English, Language Arts and History were my favorite classes to be in. It gave me the chance to let my imagination run wild, to put myself in the place of our ancestors and dream about being there with them. I love to create. This love of the arts expands to drawing, painting, music, magic, etc. I love and have done them all. I was always entertaining my peers in elementary and even up through high school with card tricks. I played in the school band from elementary up to high school, and from there moved on to piano courses. I am also self-taught in guitar and have performed in a few bands. I had also experimented with free blogging sites my senior year, just toying with the idea of writing online for money. I wrote for HubPages for about 6 months, making some small money there. It was both rewarding and enjoyable. I loved it, and I loved the idea of making a living off my writing.

But then…everything changed. Something clicked in my mind. My course set to being an “adult.” I deleted everything from my HubPages account, changed course and left behind the dream of working online for myself. Worst thing I could ever do I tell ya! Biggest mistake made. A couple years back I started experimenting with blogging again. This time, I had to get serious. I had a purpose and I knew I needed to pay for my own hosting and domain name. I toyed with different names, I bought in to hosting and a name and then….

Nothing. I spent money on something I just dropped all together. For some reason I couldn’t wrap my head around how to properly set a blog up. I couldn’t figure out why my site wasn’t coming up. I couldn’t figure out where to go or what to do to make it work. So, as any rational human being would do, I gave up! Again! Money wasted.

Fast forward to about two months ago. I started working for a boat club. It’s a dream job, really! I clean and perform small repairs on small craft boats. I take the boats out and ride around in them. I help our members load up and take off for a day on the ocean water! It couldn’t get any better than this! But…my hours are cut from full time to whenever I need to be here. It is a brand new club after all and is still growing. It had only been opened a month before I got here. With low hours, and in return low pay, I needed something else. I have always believed that having only one source of income badly limits your true potential. I have always believed that, but I have never truly acted on it. That being said, I needed to act.

In comes the action! I picked up some old books I have never finished reading, started over and started sticking to them. These books are all about working online, escaping the 9-5 life and being your own boss. The true dream life. So, what did I do about that? Well, two weeks ago I bought in again. I paid for a domain name and a host site. I must mention, I bought my domain name from one site, and my hosting from another. Both sites were amazingly helpful by the way! That aside, I messed up again. AGAIN! I could not for the life of me get my website running or figure out how to post a blog etc. This time though I didn’t give up. I couldn’t, because my wife would chew me out if I did! Haha…

So, after looking more closely at everything I was doing I realized a couple things:

  • My site name was all wrong. I made a major spelling error that I didn’t notice until after purchase. F***!
  • I needed to apparently wait a certain time period before I could move my domain name over to the chosen host site.

I had to take action and talk to both companies. I contacted the domain name provider first, explained my situation and my pure ignorance in not paying attention to my error. They were so kind and helpful. They offered to delete the domain name and give me a full refund back. Issue one knocked out in a matter of three days. Yes, three days! This was mostly due to my lack of good communication at the time. The company itself was amazingly helpful. Issue two went just as smoothly. The hosting company also cancelled my plan and gave a full refund back.

From there it was back to the drawing board. I felt slightly stupid and defeated, but I couldn’t give up! I did a little bit more research and found another amazing site that offered both domain names and hosting for unbeatably cheap prices and awesome customer care. And so it was born, The Online Viking. Now you may ask, “Why do you call yourself The Online Viking?” Well, do I have an answer for you! You see, I love the history of Vikings. I love the slight mystery that still lingers behind their legacy. I love what is tied to the idea of their own name. It amazes me to be honest, and I hope to get you just as excited about Vikings as I am!

Vikings are often tied to exploration, conquering new land. Of course those that know only the simplified version of these people tend to automatically think of savages raiding and pillaging innocent villages of their goods and lives. But, I am not a simple man. I must know more because I believe there is more to them than what others tell.

Super short history lesson time! Vikings were average folk. They were farmers and hunters and gatherers. They lived just as anyone else at that period really did. They came to travelling and raiding out of necessity to survive. Just as anyone would do what they needed to survive, so did the Vikings.

See you yet why I like the idea of the name Viking, and applying it to the online world? Out of necessity to survive, to thrive and succeed in my goals (which I do have a TON of large goals that I must and will reach by the way) I have stepped foot once again in to the online blogging/marketing world. With this site I will blog every step of my adventure in to this, both for your enjoyment and for your own guidance.

You see, I not only want to do this for my own success, but also for others. I hope that by my short comings, failures, trials and errors all being documented in to one blog, I will help others avoid most of these and jump right in to the success part. That is not to say that you won’t fail at all. You can never learn if you never fail. It’s all a part of the game my friend. I only hope to offer a light in the dark and guide you through the errors to correct course and head to the new land of the free. So, follow me and grow and succeed with me. It’s time for a new adventure, let’s set out and conquer this world!

P.S. If you ever have questions or wish for more specific detail on just setting a blog up to begin with, do not be afraid to contact me! I will do everything in my power to make it as simple as possible for you to get your own site up and running

Author: Mr. Viking

Mr. Viking is a creative mind with experience in many fields, including writing, blogging, music, painting, drawing and entertaining the masses. He is a creative, loving husband with a goal to explore and conquer the world. He has ventured online once again to set sail and conquer his plans, captivate his audience and better the world one post at a time.

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