“Vikings were warriors. More precisely ‘Viking’ is the name by which the Scandinavian sea-borne raiders of the early medieval period are now commonly known.

The Old Norse language spoken in Scandinavia used the word ‘vikingr’ in its vocabulary, but its origins are uncertain. The explanation currently favored is that it originally meant ‘a seaman who came from the Vik district of Oslo fjord’ and then came to mean sea-borne warrior, firstly from that area and later from all over Scandinavia.”

The Online Viking is all about taking the concept of the Vikings and conquering the online world! Through trading, raiding, plundering and pillaging…

But metaphorically of course! There will be no real raiding or pillaging or destroying that which others create.

I am a man of humble beginnings, a Dock Master by trade, an artist by night, setting my sails to the online blogging and marketing world, and I welcome you to follow me on my adventures both online and in the real world!

Welcome to the new home of the Viking lifestyle.

Welcome to The Online Viking.